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UWB-based positioning technology
UWB-based positioning technology
  • · Positioning technology using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) signals
  • · IR UWB (Impulse Radio UWB) signals use very short pulse widths.
  • · UWB is a short-distance wireless communication technology that uses a bandwidth of 500 MHz or more, which is very wide compared to the existing communication spectrum, and transmits and receives information with a wide bandwidth and low power density.
  • · It has high temporal resolution, enabling precise positioning.
  • · Relevant technical standards: IEEE 802.15.4a
Application field
  • · LBS (location-based service) provided indoors where GPS signals, etc. are unavailable
  • · Location check and service for large-scale shopping malls, museums, exhibition facilities, parking lots, etc.
  • · Flow management of personnel and goods in logistics warehouses and security facilities.
  • · Navigation of mobile robots and drones that move indoors and outdoors.
  • · Displays the position of firefighters and soldiers on duty using 1:1 positioning function
  • · Protection of children/seniors in medical facilities, etc.
System Configuration(Through cloud API)

System Configuration(Through cloud API)
UWB-based positioning technology