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Orthophoto production & Quality control orthophoto
  • · A video made to look like a video taken by an aircraft or drone on the ground surface as seen from a vertical sky.
  • · Aerial images captured by drones, etc., are distorted at a certain angle depending on the altitude difference of the ground surface and the location of the shooting drone.
  • · According to a certain overlap ratio, several drone images are taken and synthesized to produce an ortho image.
  • · For ortho image synthesis, matching technology is applied using the meta information of the photo and the image characteristics in the video.
Quality control orthophoto
  • · The production of orthoimages is produced by correcting and synthesizing images taken by drones, and at this time, quality problems of orthoimages occur depending on various conditions.
  • · Quality-related problems of orthoimages include blurring, vignetting, omissions, and horizontal position errors.
  • · Using image processing and analysis technology, we performed quality problem quantification work for drone orthoimage quality control for use in the pine nematode surveillance project with the Forestry Promotion Institute.